Shopify Theme from Scratch


Over the next few weeks I’m going to be releasing a series of tutorials on how to make a Shopify theme from scratch. I will be walking you through how to make a super-basic theme to give you a basic understanding of how Shopify themes and Liquid work.

You can take a look at the demo of the basic theme here.

I will be updating the Table of Contents below as the new parts are released, so feel free to bookmark this page :). My goal is to finish one part every week.

basic theme

Basic theme! (Design subject to some changes as each part is completed)


Table of Contents

Should you have any comments or questions about this series, please feel free to leave a comment below!

Cheers (^0^)/


UPDATE: I’ve closed the comments for this tutorial series now, as I won’t be able to get back to questions here. A lot has changed with Shopify theme development since I wrote this series – I recommend checking out official Shopify documentation for more up-to-date guides 🙂


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