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School’s Out FOR-EVER!

Just now, I handed in my last paper ever for school. I can’t believe it – I’M FINISHED UNIVERSITY! It was a long 5 years of Interactive Multimedia and Design at Carleton University, and there were countless sleepless nights, but I’m glad that I persevered and finished it. You may now start the video below.

Schoooooool’s out FO EVA!!!

I thought I’d share some of my university experiences here.


  • Diving into the world of web. Learning HTML+CSS was a bunch of fun, and I will continue learning more about it after graduation.
  • Learning how to make dynamic websites with PHP. My mind was blown when I got my first PHP script running, and learned how dynamic websites work.
  • Co-op at NeuroLanguage and Shopify. Spending a year working for Shopify was a blast – it was so hard going back to school afterwards. I can’t wait to go back there fulltime in May. For future IMDers, I would highly recommend taking Co-op. It’ll really help you narrow down what you really want to do as a profession. Even if you don’t like your placement, at least you’ll find out what you don’t like to do, and you can still make connections.
  • Learning Processing + Arduino. Programming things that are actually tangible was an awesome experience.
  • Learning how to model, rig, animate etc. in 3D using Autodesk Maya. I hated this at first but grew to like it a lot. I will continue to do 3D as a hobby in the future.

Not-so-awesome times:

  • All-nighters in the labs that were hotter than Africa and smelled like B.O. PRO-TIP: Lining up 3 rolly-chairs and using it as a bed is actually really comfy.
  • Having to use crappy computers in the labs that would randomly restart
  • Having to use WebCT on a regular basis. Why do universities still use this piece of sh*t? There are so many better alternatives.
  • Having to take courses that taught me absolutely nothing (I’m sure every program has these).
  • Having to learn Macromedia Director. Seriously? It was 2007, and we still had to learn Director? Gimme a break (a year later they switched the course to Flash).

It feels weird thinking that I don’t ever have to go back to campus, or worry about schoolwork. Even though Senior Project’s been done for a week now, I still wake up thinking that I have something I need to do for it. I can’t wait to go back to the 9-5 lifestyle, as it’ll leave me with more time to work on personal projects!


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