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February 2019: Back to Business Edition

Tetchi’s thoughts and ramblings for Februrary, 2019. Going back to work, hanging out with the cousins, Dead Cells, and The Wise Man’s Fear.

Stuff that happened

I returned to Montreal from my month-long New Zealand adventure on February 1st. As much as I missed the sunny New Zealand summer, it felt nice to be back. It was great to catch up with friends, family, and coworkers and get back into the routine of strength training and jiu-jitsu.

The jet lag was horrible. For a while I found myself waking up at 2 AM and not being able to sleep until 7 AM. Fortunately, my friend Ara told me about melatonin supplements, which greatly helped me sleep at a regular time.

In February I also had several friends and family visit from Ottawa. My parents came to visit one weekend and my cousins on another.

Mom with the snowman she built with Dad.
Mom with the snowman she built with Dad.

One of my favourite things to do is to hang out with my cousins. We get high, drunk and play a lot of Magic the Gathering and board games; a tradition that goes back for almost a decade now. It was awesome to host them at our new home.

Playing some Magic with the cuzz's
Playing some Magic with the cuzz’s

What I played

Kylea stayed in New Zealand for an extra three weeks, so in February I had a lot of alone time. I could have been productive but I caved and picked up a game I’d been wanting to play for a while: Dead Cells.

Dead Cells trailer.

Dead Cells is an extremely difficult action-platformer where if you die, you restart from the very beginning. This doesn’t sound very fun but you get permanent upgrades along the way, making you slightly stronger every run.

I honestly underestimated how addictive this game would be. In three weeks I put in more than 30 hours, and I’m still struggling to beat the second difficulty level (it goes up to four). I can see myself playing this for months.

What I read

This month I finished reading The Wise Mans’ Fear. This was the second book in the The Kingkiller Chronicle trilogy, the first which I had read back in November.

The Wise Mans’ Fear was an awesome sequel. A lot more happened in this book than the first one, which was nice because that was my main criticism of the first book. Looking back, I now appreciate how the author used the first book to establish the world and its characters. I also enjoyed how much darker the book was than the first, with more gory and raunchy bits.

I finished The Wise Mans’ Fear hoping to hop on the third book right away, but I found out later that the author hasn’t released anything since 2011. Dude is pulling a George R.R. Martin on us! Here’s hoping he releases it soon…

That’s all for February! It was a bit of a short post because I was simultaneously working on my New Zealand posts… be sure to check those out! 😎

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