Dudebox Launch!

Yesterday, a site that I really admire called Dudebox made their launch. I first found about Dudebox when their web developer contacted me regarding the Hipster theme, which they are using for their site.

Dudebox, as they put in their own words, “is a team of fanatics on a mission.” On their blog, they feature really talented artists from around the world and showcase some of the coolest vinyl toys I’ve ever seen. They also hold cool competitions for designers and artists.

Dudebox.com, using the Hipster theme for Shopify.

I gotta say, it’s the best implementation of Hipster I’ve seen so far. It’s also exactly the kind of niche market that I was hoping Hipster would be used for.

It’s super-cool to see my theme being used as a showcase of amazing artists, and by a group of really cool individuals. Best of luck Dudebox, and looking forward to your shop launch in 2012!

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