The Leafs finish last in the league, but I couldn’t be more excited

Last night the Leafs lost to the New Jersey Devils, clinching the last place position in the league. You may be thinking “lol typical Leafs, such a crap team”. True, they finished last place in the league with an abysmal 29-42-11 record, but for me this has been the most exciting season to watch the Leafs.

Talkin’ bout Grunt @ CodePen Ottawa

Grunt Talk

Photo cred: @dfmcphee

The other night I did a little talk about Grunt JS at the Ottawa Codepen Meetup. I’ve been using Grunt for some personal projects (including this blog) and fell in love with how easy it is to set up and how much time it’s saved me. If you haven’t used Grunt before, I’d recommend checking out Chris Coyier’s “getting started” article here.

Tattoo Hero Promo

One of HUNTER‘s tunes, “Time”, was used for Tattoo Hero‘s new promo video! Pretty rad stuff, gotta love the guys at TH <3

2014 so far

Man, haven’t written here in over a year! I think this is a good time to share how this year’s been for me so far.

Don’t Panic


Last week I met a girl with the words “Don’t Panic” (as pictured above) tattooed on her wrist. Not only did it remind me of how freaking awesome the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series is, but it was a nice little reminder to not stress out about the setbacks in life.

list-collections.liquid is fixed!

The list-collections.liquid bug has been fixed!


I will be starting the Shopify Theme from Scratch tutorials again ASAP. I should have Part 10 out this week.


Waiting on a fix

There is going to be yet another delay for the Shopify Tutorial from Scratch series, due to an ongoing bug with the list-collections.liquid template which I want to cover in Part 10.

What’s wrong?

The issue right now is that the template that is used for the collections listing page, aka. list-collections.liquid, does not load properly. When you go to, it’s supposed to load the contents of list-collections.liquid; but currently it does not.

The only way to have content appear on /collections is by creating a snippet, and then checking for the template handle in theme.liquid as follows:

{% if template == 'list-collections' %}
  {% include 'collection-listing' %}
{% else %}
  {{ content_for_layout }}
{% endif %}

This works but we shouldn’t have to do this. I want to make sure my tutorial doesn’t include any unnecessary workarounds.

The awesome devs at Shopify are aware of the issue and are working on a fix. I really want to publish Part 10: list-collections.liquid tutorial before I move on to customer accounts because it just makes sense from an order point of view.

Apologies again for the postponing 🙁


No tutorial this week

Sorry everyone, just running into a bunch of roadblocks this week 🙁 I won’t be able to have Part 10 ready until next week.

shrek cat

Super sorry!

One of the reasons is that we’re looking to make “list-collections.liquid” (i.e the /collections page) an actual template, so that we don’t have to load it through hacks. I want to make sure Part 10 outlines this process properly. If this doesn’t get implemented by next week, I’ll go ahead with the customer accounts pages before list-collections.liquid.

– tetchi

Japan Trip 2013

japan trip 2013

Fukuoka –> Osaka –> Kyoto

Last week I flew out to Japan to attend my cousin’s wedding. I’ve been to Japan many times before, but this trip was different in that I went to three cities that I’ve never been to before: Fukuoka, Osaka and Kyoto.

No tutorial next week!

Hello! Just a heads up that I’m going back to Japanland next week, so I won’t be posting Part 7 next Monday.


Kyoto, Japan – image courtesy of Hala Kazim

I’ll be heading to Fukuoka, Japan for a cousin’s wedding, then heading to Osaka, Kyoto, and a bit of Tokyo. I excite!

– tetchi

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