Noobow: 1995-1997

Recently I was packing for my move to Montreal and I came across a stack of comics that I had drawn from 1995 to approximately 1997.

Noobow comic

Noobow: episode 1 of 57.

Bunny Rabbit

Today I decided to draw a rabbit. I think I’m going to replace the Tetchi dog on the site, as it doesn’t look too good in smaller sizes.



Rabbit Sketch

Doodling – March 13, 2012

weird dude

grim reaper


happy jappy

Spins & Needles Revisited

Last Sunday I went to silkscreen workshop by Spins & Needles with buddies David and Theresa.

I went to their workshop last year as well, but I wanted to go again because frankly I didn’t remember the silkscreen building process and I had a new design that I wanted to silkscreen.

This time around I decided to use the Tetchi dog that I had been working on (last time I used the Move Your Mountain logo.

Linin’ er up

The dots on his hat were really fine so they didn’t come out so well, but man whatever…

I also played around with some red ink, I actually kinda like red-on-white more…

Twas a lotta fun and if you’re interested in making silkscreens I definitely recommend checking out Spins & Needle’s workshop! Also let me know if you want a Tetchi Dog shirt!

B-Side Label & Foo Rider

During my trip to Japan last month, my friend Rachel and I stumbled across this funky sticker shop called B-Side Label in Harajuku.

A wall full of B-Side Label stickers

One artist that really stood out for me was FOORIDER. Man, his work is just AMAZING!! I really like how clean/crisp his vectors are. The way he draws girls is pretty rad – it’s kind of like a mix between manga and pin-up art.

FooRider - B Side Label

Some of fooRider’s work. So cool! Image courtesy of fooRider

What’s cool is that he also does a mix of hip-hop and traditional Japanese art as well. You can see more of this in his gallery, here.

Love the hip-hop’ness in this piece. Image courtesy of fooRider

I’ve slapped some of B-Side Label’s stickers onto my bass guitar case, which is filling up quite nicely!

Slapped some of fooRider’s artwork on my bass case 🙂

Anyway just thought I’d share one of my coolest finds on my Tokyo trip. fooRider-san, if you’re reading this, you have a new big fan! 🙂

Tetchi Dog

This is a little something that I was working on for a while, I think I’m finally done haha. I’m keeping it single-coloured so that I can make a silk screen out of it at a silk screen workshop that I’m going to next week.

Here’s the old one for comparison

Exit Sign IRL!

A few weeks ago we got the exit sign that I worked on printed, so I just wanted to make a quick post to share it. I’m always working on things on the screen so it’s refreshing to see something physical 🙂

Photo by Greg (gbledam)

Shopify Design Challenge – Exit Sign

This week’s design challenge was to create a monster-themed exit sign for the new Lounge area at the Shopify office. I managed to win the challenge this week (woo!) 😀

Here’s my entry:

I get to hold on to this badboy for a couple of weeks:

Shopify Design Challenge winner belt

Shopify Design Challenge – Neighbourhood Crest

Today’s design challenge at Shopify was to create a crest for a neighbourhood in Ottawa.

I chose Byward, and when I think Byward I think Beavertails, so I started sketching a beaver:

We didn’t have too much time to finalize, but here’s my submission:


Now that I’ve finished my theme I decided to get back into drawing (and Battlefield 3). I wanted to revisit my dog dude because looking at it now, it looks way too “plain”. I think the problem is that there’s not enough detail.

I started sketching again and decided to give him a nice shag. I also wanted to add more details around the eyes and mouth so that they don’t look like they’re floating there.

I didn’t like how sharp his hair was, so I decided to restart and give him a bit more bounce (don’t know if that’s the right term, heh).

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