2014 so far

Man, haven’t written here in over a year! I think this is a good time to share how this year’s been for me so far.

Shopify Theme from Scratch Part 15: Theme Settings 2/2


In the last part of the tutorial series, we’re going to wrap up the Theme Settings. We’ll finish up the two remaining fieldsets – Home Page Settings and Footer Settings.

Let’s giv’er!

Shopify Theme from Scratch Part 14: Theme Settings 1/2


Today we’re going to start working on our Theme Settings form. Theme Settings is a page in the admin where storeowners can go in and make various changes to their storefront, such as: colour, font, logo image, etc. Theme designers can choose what is modifiable through the Theme Settings page through the settings.html file.

Omodaka Combines Japanese Folk Music with Chiptune and the Result is Insanely Cool


In this post I wanted to share a cool musician from Japan called Omodaka. Omodaka collaborates with other musicians to combine Japanese folk music with chiptune to create a really unique sound. What strikes me about Omodaka’s music is the nostalgic feeling that it evokes. The female vocalist, Akiko Kanazawa, sings in an enka-style voice that reminds me of some of the old Japanese mukashi banashi (folklore) anime that I’d watch as a kid. The 8-bit sound remind me of the absurd amount of Gameboy and NES that I used to play with my brother, and that further adds to the nostalgia.

Don’t Panic


Last week I met a girl with the words “Don’t Panic” (as pictured above) tattooed on her wrist. Not only did it remind me of how freaking awesome the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series is, but it was a nice little reminder to not stress out about the setbacks in life.

Theme Settings lulz

I totally forgot that I wrote about theme settings back in 2009, hahaha

If you’re impatient and want to move on to making theme settings, you can look at those! However I’m going to write a newer version that uses Shopify 2 and also is more relevant to the Basic Theme.



Shopify Theme from Scratch Part 13: Customer Accounts 2/2


Today we’re going to finish the last set of customer account templates. We’ve got three more templates to go: account.liquid, order.liquid, and addresses.liquid.


Shopify Theme from Scratch Part 12: Customer Accounts 1/2


Today we’re going to set up four of the seven customer account templates. You may be thinking “whoa whoa, four templates in one tutorial!? You’re crazy!!”. Don’t sweat! A lot of these templates are really simple and we can re-use a lot of the same CSS classes across templates.

Let’s dew this!

Shopify Theme from Scratch Part 11: Customer Accounts – the Setup


The last set of templates we need to work on are the customer accounts templates. The customer accounts templates consist of seven .liquid files that allow returning customers to create an account, view their previous orders, set their default addresses, and more.

Shopify provides default customer account templates, but we’re going to rebuild each template from scratch so that they look consistent with the rest of our themes (you’ll see later in this Part that the default customer account templates look nothing like our current theme).

But, before we move on to these new templates, we need to take some preliminary steps. Let’s gitter done!

Shopify Theme from Scratch Part 10: list-collections.liquid


Alright! Now that the list-collections.liquid bug if fixed, let’s get the show on the road! The list-collections.liquid template is loaded when you go to your-store.myshopify.com/collections. The purpose of this template is to list the collections that are available in your shop.


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