a11y: Tables and Borders

The past few weeks at work I’ve been working a lot with tables. I was testing for accessibility using VoiceOver when I ran into an interesting discovery.

Japan Trip 2015 Part 5: Okinawa

Sweet home Okinawa baby! We landed in Naha, Okinawa on the 26th and immediately felt the island heat. The temperature in mainland Japan was cool and comfortable, but in Okinawa it was in the high twenties with a humidex of like, 40000%.

Japan Trip 2015 Part 4: Hiroshima

We arrived in Hiroshima on the Shinkansen at around noon on Saturday, the 24th. We had a lot of time to kill before checking in at our AirBnB, so we decided to chuck our bags in the train station’s coin lockers and go explore the city.

Japan Trip 2015 Part 3: Nara

We arrived in Nara on the afternoon of the 23rd after spending the morning in Kyoto. On the cab ride to our AirBnB we were caught off-guard by the amount of deer. They were seriously friggin’ everywhere! They walked around casually on major streets like they ran the place.

Japan Trip 2015 Part 2: Kyoto

After our little hiccup, Gary and I finally made it to Kyoto and united with the crew at around 9PM. We hadn’t slept in ~24 hours (I am envious of anyone who can sleep on planes) but that didn’t stop us from getting drinks at the nearby izakaya.

Japan Trip 2015 Part 1: Osaka…?

Gary and I had a later flight than the rest of the crew, so the original plan was for us to meet up with everyone a few hours later in Osaka. However, we ended up missing our flight to Tokyo for reasons completely beyond our control.

Japan Trip 2015


For my vacation this year I went back to Japan for two and a half weeks with five of my good buds: Mikey, Shar, Jared, Gary and Minh. In this series of posts I write about my experience in each city.

Austin Trip 2015

Recently I spent a week in the beautiful city of Austin to check out the Event Apart conference with my buddy & coworker Kyle.


In this post I talk about my experience at the conference and the city.

Preventing the annoying over-scrolling inside modals

Oftentimes websites have modals with scrollable content inside. A common annoyance with modals is the ‘over-scrolling’ that happens when the user scrolls past the bottom of the modal’s contents. In other words, the browser starts to scroll the contents of what’s behind the modal.


Scrolling past the bottom of a modal will cause the content behind it to scroll, and vice versa. Demo of this annoying behaviour here.

I was working on modals with my coworker Dom when we discovered an easy way to prevent this with CSS and a bit of Javascript!

Talkin’ bout Grunt @ CodePen Ottawa

Grunt Talk

Photo cred: @dfmcphee

The other night I did a little talk about Grunt JS at the Ottawa Codepen Meetup. I’ve been using Grunt for some personal projects (including this blog) and fell in love with how easy it is to set up and how much time it’s saved me. If you haven’t used Grunt before, I’d recommend checking out Chris Coyier’s “getting started” article here.

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