Français Friday 02: Au revoir, Ottawa!

Très bientôt, je vais déménager à Montréal.

Je veux partir Ottawa pour plusieurs raisons. Premièrement, j’ai jamais vis dans une autre ville. Ça va être intéressant à voir le bien et le mal d’une nouvelle ville (j’éspère que c’est pour la plupart les biens 😀).

Adios, Ottawa

Pretty soon I’ll be saying goodbye to Ottawa and moving to my new home: Montreal.


Français Friday 01: Introduction

Aujourd’hui je veux commencer quelque-chose que je pensais de faire pour un long temps. Dans le but d’améliorer mon français, je veux écrire un petit blog post chaque vendredi (ou tout les autres vendredis) en français.

The Leafs finish last in the league, but I couldn’t be more excited

Last night the Leafs lost to the New Jersey Devils, clinching the last place position in the league. You may be thinking “lol typical Leafs, such a crap team”. True, they finished last place in the league with an abysmal 29-42-11 record, but for me this has been the most exciting season to watch the Leafs.

Accessibility improvements to my blog

These past few months I’ve been super-interested in web accessibility (a11y). As I was learning more about it, I was also compiling a list of a11y-related issues on my own blog. This weekend I spent some time to finally scratch the ol’ itch and crush a bunch of these issues. This is great news for all ten of my readers!

VoiceOver, tables and visually hiding columns

I was working more on tables when I ran into another weird issue in VoiceOver. I needed to visually hide a column in a table, but not use display: none so that it could still be accessible by screen readers.

I tried out the “position content off-screen” technique outlined by, and that worked great until I started testing in VoiceOver.

Japan Trip 2015: Conclusion

Travelling to Japan with my buddies was amazing. I’ve solo-tripped many times, and I’d already been to many of the places that we went to, but there’s nothing quite like sharing moments with some of your best buds.

I’d like to wrap this series up with some tips for if you’re thinking of travelling to Japan, as well as some lessons that I learned on my trip.

Japan Trip 2015 Part 7: Back to Osaka

The shenanigans continued when we arrived in Osaka. We dropped off our bags at the AirBnB and immediately went for drinks. It was Mike and Sharhan’s last night in Japan so we decided to go hard.

Japan Trip 2015 Part 6: Tokyo

Tokyo is where our trip started to get nutty. Our days became exponentially more alcohol-fuelled and sleep became more and more scarce.

T.I.M.E Stories – a board game experience like no other

The other day, two of my friends and I played a board game called T.I.M.E Stories by Space Cowboys. I’ve played some crazy good board games in my life but this is the first one where I was like “shit, I need to tell people about this”. T.I.M.E Stories is hands down the most immersive board game I’ve ever played.

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